Sunday, February 17, 2013

Garnyran in Korsholm

Garnyran in Korsholm

Yesterday I were a happy participant in Garnyran in korsholm, arranged by Korsholms Vuxeninstitut. The program started with a lecture by Maria Blomberg who told us about social medias and Knitting. Maria has started her blogging and participating with speed. She participates in several bloggs, her own blogg Knappmakerskan is updated with new projects frequently.


After Maria's Lecture it was a long lunch and there were people crafting and showing what they had learned at different classes at Vuxeninstitutet.
One lady were assembling a Qvidimina Jacket. Qvidimina were a lady who earned her living by handicrafting to other people. Her cardigan/jacket has a very specific look although it is basically made of granny squares. The tiny granny squares are crochet very densely with two threads of different color at the same time and instead of trying to hide the joins it is done in a contrasting color with a very specific pattern. It really is a one-of-a-kind design.
There were also some LYS owners there with yarn and needles for purchase.
Maria Blomberg talked about the 5 hour cardigan and charity knitting that she has taken on.
Were were also lucky in that they had a beading exhibition in the premises with some very beautiful beadwork.

Knitting workshops

Last autumn I was asked if I were interested to teach a workshop at a yarn happening in Korsholm, Finland. I said yes of course and waited for someone to tell me that I would get the job.

Since then I did not hear anything about this until three weeks ago when I received a call were I was asked to keep two different workshops, 1,5 hours each. 1,5 hours is not much time to dive in to something new so I had to try develop something really small but still desirable.
The workshops were Knitted Necklaces and Knitting a seamless doll sweater.

Knitted Necklaces

The workshop in knitted necklaces went quite well, unfortunately it takes quite some time to string beads unto the yarns but the participants were quick to learn and they had all grasped the concept before the 1.5 hours finished.

Knitting a seamless doll sweater

Knitting a seamless, topdown sweater were more of a challenge for my students. They were all new to knitting with Magic-loop although luckily half of my group had participated in Maria Blombergs Magic-loop Workshop before attending my workshop. but joining to knit in the round were a challenge for all of them and using stitchmarkers were also a new concept.
 I think that they all had at least learned to use stitch-markers and Magic-Loop, and how to do the raglan increases before the class ended.
This workshop really needs 4 hours to present all details in a relaxed time frame.

All in all it was a full day and I learned some new things and were inspired to develop new aspects of crafting.

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Erica Bessant said...

Mormorsrutekoftan ser verkligen spännande ut!

Låter som en spännande dag i garnets tecken. Jag är lite avis att det finns så mycket bra och intressant att gå på i Norden men inte så mycket bra här i London.

Tack för att du kikade in hos mig också! Det är alltid roligt när nya läsare lämnar ett litet spår =).

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Trevlig kväll!