Sunday, August 21, 2005

Amazing Jacket in Opal Petticoat.

This amazing jacket is designed and knitted by an skillfull danish knitter, Inger Nelleman. I just had to show all of you this master piece. Inger told me that the jacket is knitted on 3mm needles with 500g of Opal Petticoat and a small amount of offwhite.

Petticoat jacket front.

Petticoat jacket back.
I hope I one day will knit something similar. After seing this jacket I purchased two books: "Dazzling knitz" by Patricia Werner and "Module magic" by Ginger Luters. Both books contain patterns of similar jackets but with much coarser yarn. So when I feel ready you know I can start, I do have the yarn to accomplish this.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Flashing my sockyarns

All of this I have bought the last 4 months! It is incredible! I have maybe used 50g of it all and I want to buy some more, not good, not good.

Sockyarn 5,6kg!

As you see I can not blogg anymore today. I better get these needles dancing.

By the way: Did I tell you I am a slow knitter?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Mystery shawl clue 3a completed.

Ah, finally! done the clue 3a. I'm in such a hurry to complete the clues as soon as possible. It's not that I need to be ready before anyone else, it's because I realy need to knit my Clapotis ready because winter is coming - SOON! I can feel it in my bones! I do not like the short summers up here, well I do like the summers, it's the shortness I have problem with. So, autumn means chilly weather and a rush to knit warm things. And the Mystery shawl, that I do like, keeps me away from these other HOT projects on my must list. Well The Clapotis is 60% done, that is 3 of the 5 balls are knitted in to fabric. Next thing I should do is long wristwarmers whith pearls. I do need a pair chilly mornings when we bike to daycare and work.

So even thou we went sailing yesterday I managed to knit some on my mystery.

Mystery 3a by the sea.
Of course I found a serious patternmisstake in the car on the way home but all is fixed now and the mystery is packed away in a box and put high up where small hands can't find her.

Packed away waiting for clue 4a.

Now Clapotis can have me until friday.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So whats up?

Well it has been awfully quiet here for some time. Sorry about that, but I do have a good excuse; I have been knitting. I started a sweater to my son in domino knitting during the holiday trip to sweden. In Sweden I visited Östergötlands ullspinneri and bought some yarn and a pattern to a scarf. On our way back home we visited my dearest friend who realy liked my Clapotis and since she is so lovely I gave it to her. Doesn't she look nice in it?
Clapotis new owner.

Well since I desperately need something warm over my shoulders I started on a new Clapotis with some yarn I bought in Tartu, Estonia. It seems like I bought to small amount, :( . Only 250gr(5 balls) I would have liked to make this new Clapotis longer but I will do as much as I can, I intend to only have scratches left when I'm done.
I also joined Mystery shawl along using some of the yarn from my stash and it looks lovely. A good thing I have about 20kg of this yarn!
Time to fix dinner CY.