Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lacy Purple Wristwarmers

Made the last rows on wednesday night and sew them up, My Purple Wristwarmers. They started as a test on adding lace frills to a garterstich wristwarmer and I think they turned out fine. I was a bit concerned that they were too frilly but after using them biking to work and in the office I came to the conclusion they are perfect.

You can see on my big smile I like my wristwarmers and that I drink alot of tea, about 2 litres a day.

Below a closeup while knitting on a scarf in the same yarn as I used in the wristwarmers.
I almost always use circular needles, also when I knit back and forward. I find it more relaxing on my arms and shoulders and much safer when knitting in the car or in the sofa with a jumping toddler all around.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Short of time.

Three weeks of sick leave has soon gone. Tomorrow morning it's time to go to work again and my knitting time will be limited again. So I wanted to show whats on my needles right now.
I have hand painted some Opal yarn to stripes.

Using this Turkish Cast-on I started two Feather & Fan socks toe up, My own variation, using the stripy yarn.

I am also working on some wrist warmers with a lace ruffle in purple.

So thats all from me today. I better get back to my knitting projects when I still have time. I will get back to you and report when I finnish any of my ongoing projects.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gecko Eyes

Adrienne Fong has designed a pair of socks that rocked my world when I saw them, The Gecko Eyes Socks.
But since I wanted to knit another hat instead I used the stichpattern and designed my own hat. Though the winter surely is melting away this very moment I know that next winter I will have a very stylich hat.
It took me more time than I expected to knit. First I had problems with the zigzag rib but with the help of Adrienne I overcame that. The Cable pattern were though a bit more snugglish than I have encountered before. I even bent my Addi Turbos when knitting them.

Yarn: Opal Uni color 18
Beads: Gutermann Rocailles 9/0
Needles: 2mm and 2.5mm.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Hat

Have you seen Odessa by Grumperina?
Well I decided I needed that hat to hide my hair that has not been washed for since before my operation a week ago, doctors order, so here is my version:

Needles: 3mm and 3.5mm
Yarn: Notita's Nalle.
Beads: bigger than 8/0 but I think smaller than 6/0. 7/0???
Conclusions: I should have needed to make one more patternreport, the hat is very tight. It should also been made one report longer. I made 11 reports, should have made 12.
The shawl I'm wearing is my Mystery shawl, yes its blocked now but still too small, More like a scarf actually. The sweater is one I knitted 4-5years ago.
So now I'm off to the hospital for the doctor to make a checkup on my ear. I am allowed to wash my hair after that. Yipee!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lazy swallops!

I planned to knit Sockbugs Lazy swallop socks. When I started I discovered that the pattern and the yarn stripes fought eachother so I let the yarn win, sorry Sockbug. So I present my mini Feater & Fan socks.

knitted on Addi turbo 2.5mm with Trekking sockyarn.

Little one showing his Granny how to knit.

Usually I get nervous when the little one grabs my knitting. This time it was one of the swatches for my planned wintercoat so no damage could realy be done.

Isn't he quete?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Craving for color

Not just any colors but colored yarns. I read on the socklists I'm on all praice for STR-"Socks That Rock" but have not realy fallen in love in their colorways. Koigu on the other hand...
Well as you all now: I have a huge stash! And I have dyes for protein fibers. So Today, on a sickleave alone in the house I dug out my dyes and some old hanks of weaving wool and I started to paint. The yarn is not the soft yarn you would like to have close to your skin. I have made a sweater of it before and it worked fine. A hat I made became to scratchy though.

I had in mind doing something that could be used in a wintercoat I plan to knit. The base yarn for that is purple, what else? I wanted something that made the purple look more alive and I wanted some lime color in it.

These are the four hanks I made all in blue, turqoise and purple, two with lime and two without for other unknown purposes. The turqoise and the ble color became a bit pale but a test swatch gave a very satisfying result.

And the balls are beatifull.

I might never want to order any colored yarn again. The result is so much what I love and like that it's almost scary.

They are perfect!

New yarn needs to be dyed A S A P !!!