Thursday, May 12, 2005

Winter on the ice - Vinter på isen

On the ice
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Domino hat
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Ok, What is this you might say. Is this knitting? Well yes it is if you look very very close you might see something on my head and that is this winters new domino knitted hat(?). I have not figured out why my pictures becomes soo small. They could be a little bit bigger so I added a closeup.

So what is happening on the knitting front?
Well I'm still working on my flower basket poncho. I think it's about 440 stiches at the moment.
I also have turned some ufo's to yarn. They were ufo's because I was not pleased with the result.
Here is one of them now...

Well this ufo was knitted in very bulky yarn, double, too small needles and in a form that surely would have made me look like a colorful hotdog. :(