Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No new yarn in 2007

Could you manage that? A big group of finnish bloggers has joined together aiming at that. I don't think I could manage. The only way would be stop knitting, stop surfing on knitting bloggs and quit all mailing lists. And that would realy be dull.

Actually I have already some new yarn coming in my direction any day now. It's Drops Alpacka in two shades of purple, Have I metioned that I love purple? Heh.

Now you might wonder what I have been up to during these weeks, months with no new posts at my blogg? Well I have done some knitting but not much to show. I had problems finding a uni colored yarn to my circular cardigan so it is still lying in a basket waiting.
I finally found the yarn to the edging but have not jet come up with a lace edging suitable.

I stumbled across these two(1 2) beatifull variations of knittys Arisaig and started knitting on my own arisaig a few weeks before cristmas. Result? well Two arms and the backpiece. First front panel on the way. I do not know how long you should call a project by the name of the sweater that you started with. I have changed so much, the arms are narrower and shorter, the body is all lace and longer, I have added shortrows over the bust, the bias is changed to fit the changes I have done.

I am knitting Arisaig with 3mm needles and King Cole antitickle Merino yarn on 500 gram cone from the stash, I do have a second cone in this colorlot but one might just be enough.

The backpiece was made in two weeks but the frontpiece is taking so much more time, I'm unsure of the result and constantly looking for new projects but try not to start anything, I have enough UFO's lying around to let My Arisaig become another one and I really need some nice clothes to wear.