Saturday, June 16, 2007

New inspiration - New sweater

These flowers are so pretty.

I have been swatching for a forgetmenot sweater. The real thing is the summer holiday knitting and has been on the needles for three weeks.

I'll get back to you on this one after the holiday.

Bobopido - Finally done.

This top has taken more time than entisipated and I am so satisfied to have made it to the end.

I have knitted it from the top the Barbara Walker way with set in sleeves.  
Short rows has was added at the bust for more fabric over the boobs.
Under the bust I decreased 1/6 th of the stiches.
side shaping and some shaping at the pack to avoid the fabric to ride up at the back.

A few shortrows added at the back at the waist and then shortrows was added at the back before the edge was knitted.
Finally after the edge was cast off a crouched picot edge was added.

yarn: doubled crouche yarn from the stash
needles: 3mm addi
gauge: 28*39 10cm

The sweater would be more flattering if I had not decreased so much under the bust, a bit more ease would have made the fabric follow my figure more losely.