Monday, August 13, 2007

Holiday knitting and yarn, yarn, yarn.

After The Nordic knitting symposium in Joensuu it was time for holiday. I had planned to do a lot of knitting and get some FO but I have only produced a lot of test swatches and started with 5-6 different things none is close to be finished and some may never become a FO.

On our yearly trip home to Sweden I visited for the first time Kampes Ullspinneri in Ullervad just outside Mariestad. Every time we go to Sweden we pass through Ullervad on our way to visit my now 93 year old grandma. I have known about the spinnery for years but this was my first visit to their shop but I can assure you not my last. What I like especially is their crochet cotton. They have 200 gram balls in a many colors and a few different weights.

This is the kind of yarn I started to knit with some 25 years ago since it was very affordable then and still is today and procuces a nice fabric with 3mm needles.
And Kampes have two different lilac colors in my liking, I bought 600gram in color 686 and then one hank of laceweight combed wool 20/2 in color 218.
Kampes webpage is an disaster, really, but you can find the yarns there and you can order by writing an e-mail to them. No prices is given for the yarns on the webpages but as you can see on my picture especially the cottons are very affordable.

On our way home we took a slightly longer route to be able to visit Tapion Kauppa only 100km from where I live it could very well be the largest yarn shop in Finland but I was not in the mood but still 600gram of purple alpaca yarn from garnstudio and 500gram white bamboo yarn from Novita came home with me from there.