Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bobopido - On the needles

Oh my, what a picture!
Well I do wear a bra if anyone wonderes, ;) .

This is my project on the needles, as you can see. It is a Top down lace top/sweater with set in sleeves knitted at the same time. Yarn is a doubled crouche cotton bought in 200gram skeins. The pattern is my own and is changed all along the way. I have been working on this one for 3-4 weeks and hope to complete it before the end of May, I have actually finnished one of the 3/4 long arms and started on the second but have not taken a more recent picture.

Arisaig - Completed!

I did finnish the arisaig weeks ago and have been using it frecuently but still I have good pictures so here is what I have:

As I have mentioned before it is not much left of the original pattern in my version, the similarities are the stichpattern and the wrap.
Pattern: Arisaig *
Yarn: King Cole Antitickle one 500gram cone
Needles: 3mm addi Turbo
Changes: No Ribbing, the clevage is higher up, shortrows for the bust, Lengthened the body 5cm, slimmed down the arms a few inches. Pearl stiched hems.
What I would do differently next time: Use 3.25mm needles, after use the blocking disapears and the garment becomes to short and the fabric becomes "bumpy" as it was preblocked. I would also add 10cm more on the body length.