Saturday, February 24, 2007

A UFO back on the needles.

Those of you that have read my bog during my rare posts and that has an excellent memory might remember a sketch of a sweater for my son in domino/patchwork knitting. The sweater has been a UFO for so long that I was afraid my son would have outgrown it but no, I think it still will fit him.
I have started the arms now and should be able to finish it during next week.

I do not like to knit this technique, I dont get any rythm into it, all this turning makes the knitting fractioned and feels very slow.

Arm / swatch

I realy wanted to do something that would knit upp fast after arisaig so I used some heavy yarn and 6mm needles and started on a arm for a lace cardigan.

I should have made a sample! the gauge is realy off 16stiches over pattern should be 4 inches but on the arm 16stiches were 5 inches. What to do? Abandon the project? recalculate the pattern?

I have not decided yet.

Arisaig - All parts done


It took me three months to do the knitting, I thought it would never end and I was so afraid to start something new. Starting something new usually leads to the current project becoming a UFO and I really want my arisaig.

Well the knitting was finished last sunday and I washed the parts and blocked them.

So that is the fronts and back during blocking, I used some toys to fill upp the bust since I made shortrows at the bust.

It looks like I have used to few pins on the back piece, I hope it will be ok anyway. I tried to uce thin knittingneedles and circular needles to make the edges straighet and more even but I would have needed even more. I hope to find some nice blocking wires soon.
Now I have to sew all parts together and knit the neckline. When that is done I will present to you Arisaig on the modell(Me that is).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Knitting Podcasts now also with Video!

Isn't that fantastic!

Check it out at Lets Knit2gether. I have not had time to see them all but I managed to see Rhinebeck, Yarn Harlot and Galina Khmeleva who has written a book about Orenburg shawls.

I still have to watch the felting show and the bead show. Cat has also announced they will make a show on Laceknitting.