Friday, September 22, 2006

Knit Picks do not sell outside US/Canada!

Is that not a big shame?
I guess I am not the only one who is dissappoined with that.

So when I first saw the KnitPicks new interchangeble needles I was sad but then I was offered help from an fellow knitting blogger so I ordered the needles to her house and then she send it to mee and Oh, my, she also send me some handmade Stich Markers, She made them herself!
Check these out:

They are so pretty I considered to use them as earrings, :) .

And the needles are lovely:

I have not had any time to make a proper review on them but I have made a few rows and they seem to be all I hoped them to be. I did order some extra cords since I like them looong and some extra needles.

If you check in the background you can see a pattern there too. A purple cardigan called "Starburst Sweater". I think that is such a lovely pattern, elegant and romatic and also suitable to wear at work.

So lets see what will happen with all this stuff in the near future, Curious? You better check in on me again to see.

Stash Enhancement and book

Will I never learn how to avoid yarn?
It seems not. A couple of weeks ago I visited GetKnitted and what happened? Oh, shame on mee I ordered some yarn, purple of course but still. I should have restrained myself.

The Purple cotton was on sale, but the Purple tweed were something that just arrived to the store.

As you can see I got the latest book by the Yarnharlot there too. A nice book but so far I discovered nothing new to me. Stephanie's book just jumped in to the basket when ordering "Big Girl Knits". BGK has not arrived jet but it is a book I have high expectaions on as I am now being a few, maybe 4, sizes larger than I used to bee. I have already joined the KAL for this book so I have read some comments on the patterns and the advices given and it seems to be a realy nice book.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Posing in NEW SHAWL!

Ohh, it's lovely purperly lightly perfectly!

Well I still think I could have made it bigger, next time I will make a shawl that I can cheat on while knitting. This time I stayed true. (Almost anyway just some small swatches and sketches were done on the side).

The last rows were truly tedious. I would need to be allowed to cheat on during the knitting of these rows of >400stiches or I'll stop knitting completely!

But look, I do look happy, right?


So what does a yarn obsessed woman do when a project is BO? Reaches out for one of the 20(?) UFO's hidden in boxes, drawers, wardrobes, bags...

Oh NO, she starts to crave for more yarn and...

She leaves work running, throw herself in the car, drives on two wheels to the LYS and enhances her stash with some...

Lime cotton yarn, Mandarin Petit color 8514

The yarn Obsessed knows that without a tee in this contrasting color her newly knit shawl will not be shown off properly so she need this yarn, right? Well of course I'm right!

This yarn is so soft! wonderful, lovely a swatch is being created at this very moment.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Knitting is done

Under blocking at this very moment.

Size unblocked 65x140cm
Size blocked 85x178cm
Having problems with upploading pictures but they will come=> Here they are

Only the edge row pattern left.

I am pleased to say that I have kompleted the actual pattern. I had calculated 100g to the shawl and the weight is 97g! This calculation was done before I decided to add some edge rows but I still will end up quite close to 100g.

I do not think I will be able to complete the shawl this weekend. The little one demands to much attension but my guess is that the knitting and blocking will be done before next weekend so please be patient there will be no pretty pictures for 5-6days from today.

On the finnishing line.

Silence for a long time again!

Well I like show pictures of FO's and I'm working hard to have anything to show you but My shawl is still not done. I have spent some, a few, quite many nights knitting on it but these last rows are teadious. I have only three rows left on the pattern but then I desided to add a modified edge as the one of the Swallowtail Shawl from IK so there is about 20 rows left, and 1 row is now about 500 stiches! 500! and then the bindoff!

500 stiches takes ages and you can not see the progress so I get bored... And then I start to think and plan for next project. I'm thinking about some lime/avocado colored tee with 3/4 arms. the shawl and the F&F poncho would look soo good with a sweater in that color.

I have made some knit related orders. Latest order contained Rowan 4-ply cotton in colorway flirty on discount from Get Knitted and then Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed Aran in the colorway 07. All Purple. This is my first purchase with some more expensive yarns. The tweed would be perfect for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. The cotton would be nice in some beaded shirt. I have to figure out a pattern and beads.