Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garter all over again.

Since last year I have knitted several projects in garter stitch. I used to hate garter stitch so what has happened? Well garter has it's advantages. it is stretchy, and the edges will not roll. I have found many interesting patterns using garter that has been very interesting too me. My garter fever started last summer when I found a jacket on drops pages knitted in their sock yarn. As my sock yarn stash is extensive I fast found some Opal Magic that I purchased a couple of years ago. Two months later I was done and quite happy with the end result.

This July it was time to again start a large Garter stitch project. This time it was a garter stitch skirt that cought my interest. I have however been a bit taken back by the project when the yarn I have used had been used before and the first used ball of yarn gave a completely different gauge so I will have to cut away 30cm from the beginning.

To boost my spirit I decided to try a different angle on making socks. I bought at the knitting symposium in Norway last year a leaflet fo Krija Kongsbak where they had a sock knitted sideways.
Look here is my first sock before I have seamed the sides together:

And here is the first sock after sides was connected:

Next I will have to try sideways knitted gloves in garter and maybe some multidirectional garter garments will sneek in among the WIP's too...

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Wendy said...

love the socks. what is the name of the pattern you used and where can I get one. I might be able to make socks this way.