Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to wake up!

Ok, I have been knitting, I really have. And I have tried to be active on Ravelry but lately it seems I log in to ravelry just to try to find some action but I do not. I joined a KAL at Ravelry and it seems I am the only one actively knitting at the moment.

The project is Rosalind and here is my latest picture(2 days old) of my version.

I am now done with the frons and back, first arm is 2" and growing.

I will try to be more active here at my blog. Ravelry is fun but I can express myself differently here on the blog soo, in the future less time at ravelry and more on the blog.


Skugga said...

Hi! Have just discovered your blog. I realy like your work! I saw your previous notice about colouring yarn by first knitting it and then painting it. It looks like a lot of fun! just wondering what kind of colour you are using? Ordinary liquid textilcolour or something else?
Malin från Skövde

Mitz said...

Hej, Malin.
Thankyou for your compliments on my work, they made me happy!
I have bought my colors from Färgkraft and Zenit in Sweden. I buy them in dry format and dissolve them in warm water. The only "chemical" I use is White Vineager(ättika). Both Färgkraft and Zenit have instructions in how to use their dyes.
You can always test dye with "karamellfärger" and "ättika" remember always to protect the area yourself and the area you do the dyening at or you will get stains...

Garngamen said...

Nämen HEJ, du är saknad min vän... håller med dig, ravelry har svalnat något, samma sak med min KAL...nåväl, vi ser fram emot mycket bloggande, kom igen!