Monday, March 26, 2007

My little helper

I have a very eager little helper from time to time:

See the concentration he puts in to the winding.

Finally the sweater in domino knitting for the little helper is done and all loose ends fastened and cut off. I thought I would never get it done. It is one and a half years since I started to knit it and I am so happy to finally have it off my needles and stop feeling guilty about it.

Yarn: Sisu and Lanett
Needles: 3mm
Pattern: My own.

I find the pickupedges to be rather thick and the sweater very heavy due to the garter stitch in the domino squares. Now it's just to see if the little one ever will wear it! I have tried to have him trying it on it during the process but it has been a struggle.


Malin said...

Congratulations for the finished sweater! It look fabulous. Hopefully some cold day he will want to wear it. :)

Lankakomero said...

The sweater looks nice! I like the colours. Instructions would be nice. This kind of model is perfect for leftover yarns.

Marja V said...

You finally finished it, congratulations!

Lorette said...

The sweater is lovely!
Look at that serious look on his face! He looks like a good helper.

Maud said...

Tröjan ser superfin ut! Hoppas hjälpredan din gillar den.

Raisa said...

The sweater looks great and the sock look great, but how about the tutorial about coloring yarn with this strange technique! Thank you very much! It looks so interesting.

Mimi said...

Hi Mitz,

Thank you for visiting my blog and I am so glad to see it in your listing! ;)

That's a cute and cheerful sweater! I like the entrelac style, it's just a lot work to pick up the sts.

LenaL said...

Så fantastiskt fin den är!

Jorun said...

Such a lovely little sweater! And a great little helper as well!