Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lacy Summer Socks

I started to knit these socks a year ago. I do not know why they have taken this long to complete since I like the yarn, I like the pattern and they were very fast to complete.
I have knitted a pair of socks in this pattern before but it seems I forgott to put post about them or at least I can'f find them in my archive right now.
I bound off the socks before cristmas, it just took some months to dig out the needle and darn the ends in. I have not been in a hurry since these socks have so many holes in them that they are not suitable for winterwear where I live and even if spring is starting to show, it will not be warm enough for another 2 months.

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Garngamen said...

Finfina sockor!
Nej, jag kommer tyvärr inte till Finland. Jag är i Estland på en Jobb-konferens samtidigt (Forskningen du vet!)..
Men jag åker på svenska Stickstämman. Ha det så gott min vän. Kram och hälsa alla jag känner "overthere".