Sunday, March 11, 2007

Increasing amount of projects started.

I do not seem to be able to stop myself. I am just at the finnishing line with both my version of Arisaig and the sweater for the little one and what do I do?

I am starting new projects every day (Well almost)!

A new pair of socks for me in Trekking Nature, in color 1605.

A pair of socks for the littleone in Rellana sockenwolle color dunkelpastel.

And yesterday night a new sweater for the little one.

It is a Sasha Kagan Design published in the English magazine "Knitting" August 2006, I am using Drops Alpaca.

We, or rather my husband, have a small, very small, red sailing boat and DH and the little one likes to go sailing in the summer so I thought this sweater pattern could be changed to fit a child.

I am not so happy with the Intarsia part, and that is a big part of this pattern, I find that the articles I have on Intarsia in magazines and online mainly describe the very basic of intarsia. Like this boats sails and mast, should you use 2 white threads, one for each sail? should I make the mast with Intarsia or embrodery it later? and how do you carry the yarn along when a color moves many stiches away?

I thought I was an advanced knitter but now I feel like a beginner, like being snapped on my fingers for having to high thoughts about my knitting ability. Well there you see, one shall be humble...

Other things that has been on my needles lately is a bunch of swatches. I am thinking lace and beads, beads and lace and lace, lace, lace...

Would it not be nice if I finnished something soon?

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Jorun said...

I'm a lazy knitter, and I would knit the sails with one ball of white yarn and sew on the mast afterwards. I would probably try to get away with carrying the blue thread all the way, but I'm not sure it would work...