Thursday, May 17, 2007

Arisaig - Completed!

I did finnish the arisaig weeks ago and have been using it frecuently but still I have good pictures so here is what I have:

As I have mentioned before it is not much left of the original pattern in my version, the similarities are the stichpattern and the wrap.
Pattern: Arisaig *
Yarn: King Cole Antitickle one 500gram cone
Needles: 3mm addi Turbo
Changes: No Ribbing, the clevage is higher up, shortrows for the bust, Lengthened the body 5cm, slimmed down the arms a few inches. Pearl stiched hems.
What I would do differently next time: Use 3.25mm needles, after use the blocking disapears and the garment becomes to short and the fabric becomes "bumpy" as it was preblocked. I would also add 10cm more on the body length.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you like this but I'm currently making the arisaig cardigan and I'm having issues with the neckline. There are just too many lines of shaping to possibly fit into the length of the back. I was just wondering if you had any problems with it and how you fixed them.