Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I do not knoe where they all come from but I get them every week! Small packages from all around the globe. This internet is indeed a dangerous place, you find all kinds of lovely, tempting and lovely stuff that is hard to avoid ordering. I have yarn everywhere and the amount of needles are increasing continuely. I have more knitting books than the library and still there are more that I have to restrain myself from ordering.

I have to leave you now to get some knitting done, Bye.

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ingrid_in_sweden said...

Hmm I have the same problem. I blame my computer - my computer orders stuff and things for me. And I call myself a 'maximalist' you just have to have everything and know everything too. And sometimes you need two or more of everything as well just in case. And you get frightfully excited and enthusiastic about things too, and GUSH all over the place about it too......not for a short time but for minutes and minutes and sometimes MORE!
Smiles from Ingrid in Sweden