Saturday, October 21, 2006

Knitting in Circles

Have you missed me?

I have had some knitting, tinking going on and the tinking part were not fun. ripit, ripit, ripit.

Well last weekend I started with this

I do not follow any pattern, making my own as I go along but the inspiration is: The shape of theWhite Lies Design's Madeleine Shawl Jacket And then you have theElann's Pinwheel Sweater and the Twisted Float Shrug fromVogueknitting autumn2005. As you can see they are all knitted with the same idea. But its only the madeleine jacket that I find having a flattering shape. Could it be a more draping texture that makes it?
I started my small circles with Opal Lollipop 1015(not produced anymore). I purchased it at a sale and I think I have >1kg of it(some of it is stuck in another ongoing project.
Tha knitting proceeds in good speed, I have soon reached the place where I soon should make room for future arms. The diameter is in this knitting moment double the one in the picture.
My plan was to have a uni colored 10cm wide lace around the edge and at the end of the arms, just as the madeleine jacket. I have not found a lace in my taste just yet. I did order some Opal Uni from the autumn 2006 collection but the colors were far from what I had expected.

Can you guess what numbers I ordered?
Here are the photo presenting the Autumn 2006 colors.
I must say I was surpriced when I opened the package, The colors does not even come close to the picture the produser has taken.

The correct answer is 1414, 1412, 1419. Did you guess the correct numbers? Congratulations!

I am mostly dissappointed with the pink yarn called 1412. I do not like that shade of pink!


Trine Als said...

Actually I think the 1412 looks more like a 1413. Maybe that is only on my screen.

Mitz said...

That was actually what I was thinking. I guess you will never be 100% sure what you buy ordering from catalogue or internet.