Sunday, October 22, 2006

Expanding Circles

My becoming circle cardigan has now reached the point where I think it's time to leave openings for the arms.

The arm's would if added at this poit become 42cm(16 1/2") in circumference. The diameter of the knitting is now 54cm(21 1/4").
I find it hard to know exactly where to add the arms since this is not like constructing your usual cardi.
I am so curious in how the arms will fit constructed this way. Will they become comfortabe or just feel odd?

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ingrid_in_sweden said...

I am wondering - sleeves in your pie is soemthing you should also look into . Scarves and poncho book by Vogue I think. It is curently my 'loo' book ;-) but if you google for sleeves in your pi you will find it.
I think you(and I am also thinking about one) need to watchout for the sleeve caps so that they don't get too tight.
Smiles form Ingrid