Friday, September 22, 2006

Knit Picks do not sell outside US/Canada!

Is that not a big shame?
I guess I am not the only one who is dissappoined with that.

So when I first saw the KnitPicks new interchangeble needles I was sad but then I was offered help from an fellow knitting blogger so I ordered the needles to her house and then she send it to mee and Oh, my, she also send me some handmade Stich Markers, She made them herself!
Check these out:

They are so pretty I considered to use them as earrings, :) .

And the needles are lovely:

I have not had any time to make a proper review on them but I have made a few rows and they seem to be all I hoped them to be. I did order some extra cords since I like them looong and some extra needles.

If you check in the background you can see a pattern there too. A purple cardigan called "Starburst Sweater". I think that is such a lovely pattern, elegant and romatic and also suitable to wear at work.

So lets see what will happen with all this stuff in the near future, Curious? You better check in on me again to see.


Anonymous said...

Hello, those are so cute!
You opened side door of my life :-)

Lorette said...

Glad you like them! They are very nice needles. Enjoy the stitch markers!