Friday, September 22, 2006

Stash Enhancement and book

Will I never learn how to avoid yarn?
It seems not. A couple of weeks ago I visited GetKnitted and what happened? Oh, shame on mee I ordered some yarn, purple of course but still. I should have restrained myself.

The Purple cotton was on sale, but the Purple tweed were something that just arrived to the store.

As you can see I got the latest book by the Yarnharlot there too. A nice book but so far I discovered nothing new to me. Stephanie's book just jumped in to the basket when ordering "Big Girl Knits". BGK has not arrived jet but it is a book I have high expectaions on as I am now being a few, maybe 4, sizes larger than I used to bee. I have already joined the KAL for this book so I have read some comments on the patterns and the advices given and it seems to be a realy nice book.

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Bim said...

Ja, du har inte funderingar på att göra en LILA blogg??? Hm, om du nu inte skulle råka överraska dig själv... ja, med attt köpa annat än just, lila... Överraska dina besökare, hihihi... Det finns färger som går ihop med just lila också. :p
Må så gott... värmländska på tur... kramis och trevlig helg, bland allt det lila... själv blir jag som ett vandrande lik i lila, dvs vit... nog ljus som man är som nordisk. ;)
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