Friday, January 20, 2006

Must dye for colors.

I have for a long time had dyes at home, actually very long time, but not been dyeing at all until I read about dyeing in the microwave. I did some test autumn 2005 but they did not end up 100% satisfactory to me. Now I found a new approach on the microwave dyeing that I just have to try:

* Knit up a fabric with the yarn you wan't to dye.
* Soak it in water with some vinegar(ättika).
* Apply colors using the knitted fabrik as canvas.
* Micro.
* Wash.
* Dry.
* Unravel.
* Knit the yarn to your final product.

For more and visual bloggs and websites about this start here:
Bithes blogg(Check November 2005 postings done 15th and 22nd)
Woven Thoughts

Well thats all for now, No pictures today

I'll be back...


Froding said...

Du är taggad av mig!!
Marianne Fröding

sussry said...

Intressant att det går att färga på detta sätt.

Vill du vara med i Svenska stickringen? Det är en nystartad webbring, som gärna ser dig som medlem.
För mer info gå in på .

Välkommen med i ringen!

MVH/ Susanne, ringowner

marianne skutskär said...

hej, nu har jag tittat igenom hela din blogg, jättefina saker du stickat, sockorna var särskillt snygga