Friday, March 17, 2006

Against the stream...

So what's up? I have been absent for a long time and you might wonder if I stopped knitting, right?

Well I haven't but it has not been so much results lately.
I have finnished a mini poloponcho.
I am happy with the finnished product.

And then I present to you the turquise sweater I knitted on my mashine some month ago. I had some closeups before this is the complete sweater.
I feel kind of unhappy with the modell inside the knitted items, one reason for my absence here but it is me in there, no matter how much I try to ignore it.
Well, well. These two are now in use almost every day so what is on my needles right now? You might say what is not, since I have so many UFO's so I can't keep track on them all. Anyway, you might remember a green sock I knitted last year from socks, socks, socks? I did not like knitting it and it still misses it's mate. Well I read all lyrics written about Jaywalker from MagKnits and wondered how come that is such a popular sock since it was kind of similar to the green sock. So I decided to give it a try, and the result is, I hate knitting it! It has been three weeks now and I am working on the gusset of the second sock and I Hate it, Hate it! I must be a freek of somekind since everyone else seems to love it. Well I wan't to finnish this unloved socks cause I can't have more UFO's in this house. I expext them to be done by next week, It takes time when I don't enjoy my knitting. They look good though, I like the finnished sock.
So next post will be about the Jaywalkers by Mitz.

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Garngamen said...

No way, honey, the turqoise looks great! It is ok to go against mainstream! You are unique! Miss you my dear friend. Take care!