Sunday, March 19, 2006

Presenting Jaywalker

So I was up untill 3 in the morning and managed to finnish my jaywalker socks. They look and feel just fine. The only downside with the finnished sock is that I have a problem getting then on. the leg is so narrow!

I used size 2mm(0 needles), magic loop, Opal Indigo(in US Opal Ocean). 88stiches(modified the pattern a bit) and adding my own favorite heel and toe.
Good thing I managed to finnished them since all my socks needs to be washed and now I can use these tomorrow so I can wait with the washing until tomorrow.


Three Sisters Yarn said...

They're so cute and pretty! Great job!

Patti said...

Nice work. Love the socks. I have been wanting to try this pattern as well. Did you join a Knitalong?

Mitz said...

Thanks Patti and three sisters yarn,
No I never joined an kal for these socks. I read about other knit bloggers praising the pattern and just had to start a pair. I would anyone knitting these that use one size bigger needles on the upper part of the leg since the sock pattern not gives much elasticy.