Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ahhh, I have recived some more yarn. This time from Martinas Bastel- & Hobbykiste. I just don't seem to be able to controle myself when yarn is involved. This time I was surprised mysef of the yarns that I recived. I had ordered 400g of orange Trekking and 100g of green Regia, and 100g of somekind of turquise striped yarn.
No blue! No purple! You might wonder if I by any chance are ill but no, I am not. The little one likes yellow and orange and I am going to make him more sweaters on my Brother Knitting Mashine.


Nicola said...

Hi Mitz! Love the orange and green yarn.

Mitz said...

Ah, yes the green looks the same as in real life, the orange became very orange in the picture but they are still nice.

Stickbloggen said...

That orange colour was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Åhhhh.....nu skriver jag på svenska så får alla andra gissa;)
Men GUD viket läckert garn! Det oranga;) SYND att ajg har garnstopp, fast man kanke kan rucka lite på det;)

Kram Emma