Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In LOVE!!!

My very first sweater to myself made on the BKM are ready. I knitted it in tourquise Opal Uni and made the edges in purple Opal Uni. On the edges I tried for the first time to knit I-cord and although I am not so happy with the hem of the body and the arms:

The neckline I-cord is perfect!

I had pinned the sweater on the floor on the night to monday so I went up early to remove the pins and I just had to wear the sweater to work and I walked as on clouds, I felt as if being in love. I just love this sweater with it's flaws and now I have to make another one because wearing it was like heaven and I feel addicted, I need more Opal sweaters.

The most surprising thing is that I did not even use 500g tourquise and I am a full sixe XXL person! This means I can knit double as many sweaters as I had bought yarn to knit. In the future I have to limit myself and buy less of each yarn not to end up with so much extra. I did the pattern myself and to fit my figure and I love the fit. Only one thing should be corrected before knitting the next one, make even steeper shoulders to avoid the access cloth at the front arms.


Anonymous said...

Grattis till stickmaskinen och det lyckade resultatet!
Du som tycker om Opal vet väl att det nyligen (i lördags) har öppnats en affär i Helsingfors som säljer Opal?
Ägaren klarar sig bra på engelska. Minst.

Marianne i Pargas

Jorun said...


Bra mönster i större storlekar finns det alltid behov av - du skulle kanske kontakta Knitty eller Magknits?

sussry said...

Åh, vad fint du gjort.
Har förresten "taggat" dig på min sida: http://stickan.blogspot.com