Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tedious Spiral rib socks

It took me almost a week to complete these socks for my son. there is only 48stiches and no heels! I thought this was going to be a pair of fast knitted socks and a suitable model for growing feet. But the rib that moves 1 stich every 4th row took a lot of time! Unbeliveble! The feater and fan sock that looks so much more complicated is much faster to knit! Well I'll never knit a spiral rib for me, booring! my son might get a few during the next 15 years(while his feet still are growing), I do not like to knit things that get too small in 6 months and this type of sock knitted long could last much longer since there is no foot.
Spiral rib sock from: "Socks, socks, socks" knitted in Fortissimas Mexico sock yarn

They actually hugs hit small feet nicely.

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