Monday, September 05, 2005

Late presentation of Clapotis2!

She has been ready and in use for soon two weeks but no presentation has been done. Well here she is Claptis2.
The yarn was just enough, it was just 8,5m left, not even enough to make a decent tassel. I could have made it longer if I had had one ball more but it became pretty well. Very soft, warm and drapes realy well, I'm satisfied with her.

Clapotis2 on show

Clapotis2 by the sea.

I don't know if and when I'll knit another Clapotis. There just seems to be so much to knit out there.

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Froding said...

Fin! Samt kul att sticka, jag gjode min i Silke opch det är både dåligt och bra. Den slinker men är skön att ta på!!(Fast man borde ha en stel tråd i för att hålla den vid rätt storlek)!!