Monday, September 05, 2005

Feather and Fan sock done

My sock is ready, and it went so quick! I sew the toe together before going to work this morning, took a few shots and had them on all day. This is the fastest knitted socks I have ever done. The feater and fan pattern makes the leg stretch nicely and is faster to knitt than ordinary ribbing. It's only one of four rows that has pattern the other three rows are just plain knitted stitches.
The yarn I have used is Nalle from the manufacturer Novita. It is not as thin as ordinary sock yarn.
The colorways were realy interesting but I'm afraid the knitted pattern is kind of camoflaged.

Feather and fan sock

closeup of feather and fan sock.

I'll most likely knit more feather and fan socks but then with solid color or whith striped yarn.


Nicola said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the colour. Will be starting this kal soon myself.

Jan said...

Pretty colours even if they do hide the pattern a bit.

I like them.

midnightscribe said...

i love these socks! please mail me a pair! :) have bookmarked your site so can check in from time to time