Saturday, September 03, 2005

Litterature recomendations and pretty Pi.

Long gone AGAIN, I know I'm a bad blogger. But I'm working on some new things to show you so be patient. There is more than one project on in my knitting baskets.

During the last week there has been a lot of discussions about the roundknitted shawl/sweater on the cover of latest vogue magasine and I think this pattern is much prettier:

Sleeved pi front

Sleeved pi back

It is not my creation. It is a scanned picture on a Sleeved Pi shawl from "Ponchos & wraps - a Knitters dozen" published by xrx books. I'm thinking of knitting this pretty thing but I do not have the yarn so maybee I'll just have to recalculate the pattern to a thinner yarn that I have and I think would be lovely in this model. I was not even aware I had ordered this book but it turned out to be worth the money anyway.

On the knits now is Mystery shawl who just needs to be cast off and blocked, a domino knitted sweater to my lovely little boy

My design scetch for my little ones sweater.

Furthermore there is a new KAL. This KAL is a realy nice one, just a pair of socks now and then. All the socks are knitted from patterns in "Socks, socks, socks" published by xrx books. The book is a real treasure for sock knitters whith 70 different patterns inside! Not all in my taste but maybe 50% of them and there are some realy odd techniques to learn here too. The first sock in the KAL is a feather and fan sock who is wery fast knitted, I just finnished the first one, and the second is on the needles and will be ready tomorrow I think. This KAL stared on the 1st of September. If any one has the book or you would like to buy it and would like to join the KAL you can find the group here: . There is just one sock on the kal jet and not many has started so join in all interested.


IngelaS said...

Jag säger bara WOW! den spetskoftan är verkligen läcker!!! Jag börjar nog med cirkelkoftan från Vogue dock, har ju inte det andra mönstret...
Lycka till med stickningen!
/Ingela i Mölnlycke

marianne skutskär said...

hej, vilken läcker kofta, vad heter boken? var kan man köpa den???

Ingrid på Västkusten said...


vad bra - nu vet jag i vilken bok sleeves in your Pi finns :-)