Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arisaig - All parts done


It took me three months to do the knitting, I thought it would never end and I was so afraid to start something new. Starting something new usually leads to the current project becoming a UFO and I really want my arisaig.

Well the knitting was finished last sunday and I washed the parts and blocked them.

So that is the fronts and back during blocking, I used some toys to fill upp the bust since I made shortrows at the bust.

It looks like I have used to few pins on the back piece, I hope it will be ok anyway. I tried to uce thin knittingneedles and circular needles to make the edges straighet and more even but I would have needed even more. I hope to find some nice blocking wires soon.
Now I have to sew all parts together and knit the neckline. When that is done I will present to you Arisaig on the modell(Me that is).

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