Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Hat

Have you seen Odessa by Grumperina?
Well I decided I needed that hat to hide my hair that has not been washed for since before my operation a week ago, doctors order, so here is my version:

Needles: 3mm and 3.5mm
Yarn: Notita's Nalle.
Beads: bigger than 8/0 but I think smaller than 6/0. 7/0???
Conclusions: I should have needed to make one more patternreport, the hat is very tight. It should also been made one report longer. I made 11 reports, should have made 12.
The shawl I'm wearing is my Mystery shawl, yes its blocked now but still too small, More like a scarf actually. The sweater is one I knitted 4-5years ago.
So now I'm off to the hospital for the doctor to make a checkup on my ear. I am allowed to wash my hair after that. Yipee!


Garngamen said...

Me3n huga, operera örat låter läskigt. Men trevligt och se dig aktiv på nät och listor. Krya på dig min vän. Och tjusig hatt!

Three Sisters Yarn said...

Your Odessa is gorgeous--that's so cool you made it so fast! =) The Mystery shawl looks very nice too.