Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So whats up?

Well it has been awfully quiet here for some time. Sorry about that, but I do have a good excuse; I have been knitting. I started a sweater to my son in domino knitting during the holiday trip to sweden. In Sweden I visited Östergötlands ullspinneri and bought some yarn and a pattern to a scarf. On our way back home we visited my dearest friend who realy liked my Clapotis and since she is so lovely I gave it to her. Doesn't she look nice in it?
Clapotis new owner.

Well since I desperately need something warm over my shoulders I started on a new Clapotis with some yarn I bought in Tartu, Estonia. It seems like I bought to small amount, :( . Only 250gr(5 balls) I would have liked to make this new Clapotis longer but I will do as much as I can, I intend to only have scratches left when I'm done.
I also joined Mystery shawl along using some of the yarn from my stash and it looks lovely. A good thing I have about 20kg of this yarn!
Time to fix dinner CY.


Toni said...

That does look wonderful on her and you can tell she really loves it.

Renee said...

Love that yarn you used, what is it?

Froding said...

Åh jag som tycker mina, kanske 5 kg undanstoppade garner är ett berg!! har du i nte kul när du sitter och klämmer på alla? Jag skulle dö av lycka! Jag kämpar tappert med att fylla på så att mitt skåp ser välfyllt ut!! Köpte massor igår för att göra min ERIS,men det belv nog inte som jag hoppas i alla fall!

Mitz said...

The yarn used on my Clapotis 1 is Nalle Color by Novita. Nalle is a yarn found in almost every grocery store and yarn shop in Finland.

Mitz said...

5kg undanstoppade, jag rodnar. Vågar inte ens tänka på hur mycket jag har. Säkert det 10 dubbla. Har aldrig kunnat motstå ett bra erbjudande, speciellt inte om garnet varit i någon blå eller lila nyans.