Monday, August 15, 2005

Mystery shawl clue 3a completed.

Ah, finally! done the clue 3a. I'm in such a hurry to complete the clues as soon as possible. It's not that I need to be ready before anyone else, it's because I realy need to knit my Clapotis ready because winter is coming - SOON! I can feel it in my bones! I do not like the short summers up here, well I do like the summers, it's the shortness I have problem with. So, autumn means chilly weather and a rush to knit warm things. And the Mystery shawl, that I do like, keeps me away from these other HOT projects on my must list. Well The Clapotis is 60% done, that is 3 of the 5 balls are knitted in to fabric. Next thing I should do is long wristwarmers whith pearls. I do need a pair chilly mornings when we bike to daycare and work.

So even thou we went sailing yesterday I managed to knit some on my mystery.

Mystery 3a by the sea.
Of course I found a serious patternmisstake in the car on the way home but all is fixed now and the mystery is packed away in a box and put high up where small hands can't find her.

Packed away waiting for clue 4a.

Now Clapotis can have me until friday.


Marie said...

Thank you for the tip about the Mystery Shawl. It looks very exciting, I would have loved to do it, but have to finish some other projects first. I really like the blue color you have chosen for your shawl!

Mitz said...

Ahh, the blue is nice, the sky and the water enhance it even more, :)

CamillaS said...

Such a beautiful pattern! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of it some time!

Joyce said...

Hi Mitz,

First off, you have a beautiful son! Reminds me of mine, who is now grown up.

Would have loved to been a part of the Mystery Shawl knitalong. Any idea where I can get the pattern? I only found the second knitalong. Sigh.