Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wrap around sweater soon to be

Moda 2004/5.
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If you take the yarn from the ufo in my last post, mix it with this wraparoun sweater, take the XL size, shorten the arms with some 2cm, lengthen the body with 20cm, add a few extra stiches over the hips, make some more waist decreeses and finally add some shortrows over the bust, add my bad knolledge of finnish (the pattern is written in finnish) you will end up with the sweater soon to be. :)

What made me do all these changes? Well I read knittys latest issue. Thinking beyond the pattern ... but will it fit?.
It made me realise that in the size and figure I come with at the moment all clothes are too short in my liking and if there is no shortrows over the bust and decreeses in the waist clothes look realy awful on me.
The progress has gone in my measurement fast, that is I only have the last front pice left and then blocking and sewing. I started 4 weeks ago with size 5,5mm needles but after about 20cm on the back I realized I needed larger needles. I bought new 6mm needles (I'm not used to knit with these big needles and had none in the size 6mm). Still to thin needles and by a lucky star I found a pair of 7mm needles that were perfect. In all I think the real knitting process has been in 3weeks so far. So next week, in the middle of the summer I'll have a thick woolen wraparound sweater. ;)
A good thing that summers often are cold here, ;) .

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Carita said...

Hi mitz, thanks for visiting my blog. We sure do need a woolen wraparound also in summer :)