Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's getting closer - Det närmar sig

I'm on my way to Estonia!

I'll be there for 7 days together with 85 other ladies( one man I think ) who all will be knitting, both workshops and own projects I guess.

So what has this slowknitter been up to when she has not opdated her blog for two weeks? Ahh, knitting of course. As much as possible but... Working and having a family takes it's time too.
I can gladly announce that my woolen wraparound sweater is ready. I made the last seams last night.
As suspected the result does not look the same on me as on the tiny model. No sweater can hide those X:es infront of the size.
And the boobs! I used to have tiny ones and I liked that! Well this is me of today, no lies, the whole truth.
One detail that did not turn out well is the sholders. The sweater is far to big there. Othervise I'm quite happy with the sweater but next sweater will be of a looser fit.


I have franatically been working on a clapotis the last two weeks and it's almost ready. I think I have to make the finnishing touch in Estonia but I am so close, so very, very close. It's just I have to concentrate on packing today. knitting has to wait. The decreeses are already started.

You might see (the pictures are soo small) that I don't use any markers. Instead I purl betweent the two twisted knits.
I have never used stichmarkers and in this case where you are supposed to drop the stiches, it realy does not matter how you knitt the stiches to be droped.
Neither have I droped the stiches far jet, I want to see the compplete trasformation at once. So I have to wait...

Clapotis to be


very close

So in 8 days or so, I'll report from the "Nordic Knitting Symposium 2005" and tell you all about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello my great Mitz-friend. The sweater is fantastic on you! Because I have seen it LIVE! You are fab as a person! Looking forward to your
Nordic knitting tale.
Your Swedish room-mate in Viljande,
Sigrid in Älvsjö Sweden..