Friday, April 29, 2005

Lazzzy socks

Pink wave lace sock
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I'm home on sick leave! I was at the doctors yesterday and he said I have pnemonia, not good. the only 'good' thing is that while waiting for testresults and doctor I almost finnished my pink lace socks. finally home in the sofa I added the last final tuch and voilá, ready. Not my first socks but my first ones in lace. I will do this again. It was so much more fun than just knitting plain.


IngelaS said...

Åh, vilken fin socka!

Schmeebot (kaninen) finns på :

Egentligen ingen riktig beskrivning, det är meningen att man ska improvisera.

Mitz said...

Tack, ser lätt ut, :) , skall se om jag kan hitta något lämpligt garn i gömmorna att testa sticka kaninen i.

MysteryKnitter said...

What a beautiful sock! You knit so pretty items!

The pictures...they are not in my blog. Why? Because of technical difficulties. My computer does not accept Hello-program. But Flickr does accept. So the pics...they are in the different place. And the place is here: Just go for a visit and have a look.

Mitz said...

Thanks mysteryknitter, I do ugly thing's now and then too. I guess they will turn up on my blog eventually, ;) .
I'm going to you picture page to have a peek at your stuff.

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice to know, Mitz. Nice to know. And I know a little about that page...there is a chance to leave comments too...about those pics.

Knitters magazine...I do not have it here in my country. And I must confess that I do not read English knitting patterns much. The measurement thing is different from the one we use I rather pick up easy things to knit, if I knit in English.