Sunday, April 17, 2005

Anew beginning has begun
- En ny begynnelse

When I first started to use Internet there was nothing.

That is nothing about knitting and weaving and all those other stuff that facinates me. Just some week ago I stumbled in on bloggs about knitting and then I was hooked. I immediately urged to have my own blogg and here it is!

I hope you all will enjoy what I can show and describe on this blogg and I hope I'll see you all many times. :)

När jag först började använda internet fanns intet

Det vill säga inget om stickning och vävning och allt annat som facinerar mig.
Och så, för några veckor sedan snubblade jag in på en stickblogg och var fast. Genast ville jag också ha en och så; här är den!

Jag hoppas att ni kommer att ha glädje av det som jag kommer att beskriva här och, vem vet, vi kanske ses igen? :)


MysteryKnitter said...

How beautiful! Beautiful pattern, I mean. And what pattern? The pattern which you call "Falling Leaf" or something like that.

Jag kan tala svenska, men inte så bra. Jag har inte praktiserat. Det här är mycket vackert.

Mitz said...

Oh, I made a misstake. the pattern is called flower basket. But I actually did not know that when I started. I saw a detail in a blog and decided to for the first time analyce a lace pattern and I succeded.
Since then I learned that it's a pattern published in knitters magazine.

MysteryKnitter said...

Hi Mitz!
Here I am again. :) You simply knit beautiful items, no matter what the name is. And it is also nice that you left a comment to me. One may not know the right name of a pattern...I know I should not say this here but this is just an example. When I stitch those pre-printed needlepoint canvases, I do not know their names least not often. So when I publish the picture after the stitching is done and picture taken, I just have to make the name out of my head. This far no one has complained.